Twisted Mounty Canadian Handmade Apparel


Twisted Mounty first started in 2004 as a group of 5 friends who grew up together riding snowboards, skateboards, dirtbikes, wakeboards, whatever they could get some speed and air on. At age 14 after being paralyzed due to cancer on the spine I found myself on the sidelines wondering how to say involved in all the sports we use to love to do. That's when  "We "borrowed" some red ink and a silkscreen from art class."  I thought let's start our own clothing brand/team and sponsor athletes. We went to Walmart and purchased some blank white t-shirts.  After coming up with the logo, we made it into a stencil and printed our first 12 t-shirts in my parent's garage. The next day we brought them to school and sold out. From there Twisted Mounty started. We continued selling t-shirts and stickers out of our lockers. Since I have taken on the company and travelling to public schools, high school, colleges and university motivating students to be there best and live life to the fullest while sharing my storey.  Thanks to your purchases, your not only looking fresh but for every item sold %10 goes to WE BE US community helping give back to homeless shelters across the country and helping others get involved in adaptive sports.  - PHIL KERR